The MVP on Every 2016 NFL Team

The NFL is one of the best matched leagues in the world. The league is made up of the team from different cities which are ready to fight to the need and claim the championship. The players put all the effort to help their team win tournaments and earn more points which will count at the end. For most fans, it is their joy to cheer their team towards the title and also to see the MVP of the season come from their favorite of local team. The MVP is voted based on the tries and scores that are made to a season. In most instances, the MVP vote goes to the person in the team that claimed the championship or one which went very close. The outstanding performers are rewarded greatly by winning this spectacular award.

The contenders for this award can be narrowed down by looking at the individual teams and identifying their best players in the 2017 season. Some have even more than one player but we will look at the most prolific player who has had a significant contribution to their team.

Buffalo Bills
LeSean McCoy is a runback player for the Buffalo Bills. He has averaged 5.4 yards per carry which is the best record in his career. His performance has been outstanding for his side. Another spectacular performance that has shown is the favorite from this team is when he rushed 100 yards, and the Bills were 2-6. With this form, a lot is expected from him in the remaining part of the season.

Miami Dolphins
Running back Jay Ajayi has been the best player for the Dolphins in this season. It has been his breakthrough season to the first team and all thanks to hard work. He has had some moments in the season which have shown he is the most outstanding performer as compared to his teammates. The 204-yard run was one of those moments against the Steelers. He helped his side win a memorable 9-2 after producing three 200 points run in the game.

New England Patriots
The Patriots boast of Tom Brady who is a quarterback. Being an instrumental part of the quarterback that has set a new record of 28-2 touchdowns this season, Tom has been the pillar towards this great performance. Despite turning 39 a few months ago, he still got that pace which is required to push his side forward and protect the backline. The experience has helped him shape up his career and is on the turning point.

New York Jets
The defensive tackle Leonard Williams is the MVP and is ahead of other great players like Bilal Powell. Powell had a fantastic month, but the performance of Williams has been consistent during the tough times and the light games. He has established himself as the best young player who plays the defensive linemen in this league. He recorded seven sacks which are the highest for any side so far. He should get an award at the end of the season.

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens
Kicker Justin Tucker has been the highest onside scorer this season. He has a record of 38-39 online scores from the kicks he has taken so far. It is a great record and deserves the MVP.
Cincinnati Bengals
Wide receiver A.J Green has been the player to watch in the bangles. Before suffering a harm strain injury, the Bangles were doing great. The effect of losing him has brought some unwanted results to the team which is now struggling without him.

The Cleveland Browns
Left Tackle Joe Thomas has been instrumental in the performance of the Browns this season. Despite his playing abilities, he provides the leadership to the team which is important.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Running back Le’veon Bell is notably a great player who has shown his abilities to his team. He has produced one of the best performance by a running back in history. He deserves another Pro Bowl at the end of the season. It can be noted that he still goes potentially to surprise more.

Houston Texans
Defensive end player Jadeveon Clowney is one of those players who is likely to win the MVP. It is easy to pick him even if he is a defender since the defense ranked position 1 overall. The performance at the backline to keep off the offense players has been amazing. He surely deserves that award.

Indianapolis Colts
Quarterback Andrew Luck looks the favorite to win the MVP. He finished eighth in the NFL passing record after completing 4,240 passes and 31 touchdowns where he was fifth. It is a performance that few have registered in the league hence his unsurprising nomination.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Wide receiver Marqise Lee is the best offensive player, and it can be seen from the heavy reliance on the whole team. Without him, everything would not be as it is currently.

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